A downloadable game

30th game made by me.

A short rpg game made it the old A day after the dream rpg maker vx ace project.

A comet is coming in five days to destroy the world, What you will do?

Music Credits:

7 and 7- love

beginnings - ruth white

Coconuts- Silver Light

Dark World -Coconuts

Legião Urbana- Indios

LSD Dream Emulator - Track 4 - Professional Problem

LSD Dream Emulator - Track 7 - Fax Factory

Mother 3- Serious

one-eighty-one - bbc radiophonic workshop

Sun Araw- All night long

Racionais - Negro Drama

Sun Araw- All night long

tamariu - bbc radiophonic workshop

Toro y moi - divina

white waking - les rallizes denudes


Inspired in Space funeral.

Ending 2016.


Hyperrealistic.zip 128 MB

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